Optics Engineer

Job title: Optics Engineer
Position: Full time
Location: Hirsemarken 1, 3520 Farum

Why join us

Are you looking for a job to start or advance your career in optics and photonics?

NLIR is a small and flexible company with the ambition of growing comprehensively in the present and the upcoming years. We are seeking an Optics Engineer for a new position to develop, build and characterize our infrared sensor systems. In this position, you will have a central role in shaping devices and solutions in NLIR, which includes both continuous improvement of existing devices and development of new instruments. Additionally, you will take part in production and production optimization. 

NLIR offers a high level of independence and a culture where the journey from good ideas to execution is direct and short. We value curiosity and encourage learning through experimentation, even if it means encountering failures along the way.


The candidate should hold a degree in Optical/Photonics Engineering or general physics with a specialization in optics, and should demonstrate proficiency in some (although not necessarily all) of the following areas:

  • Experience with experimental optics; setups with lenses, coated filters, polarizers, lasers and/or other light sources, light sensors, and other optical components.
  • Experience with data analysis and programming in MATLAB/Python.
  • Familiarity with mid-infrared light (wavelengths above the communication band).
  • Familiarity with infrared spectroscopy and its applications and analysis of absorption spectra.
  • Familiarity with nonlinear optics, especially second-order nonlinear effects.


The salary and benefits for this position are negotiable and will be discussed during the hiring process.

How to apply including deadline and contact info:

We invite you to apply for this position or ask questions related to the position by contacting hiring coordinator Søren Friis at sf@nlir.com. In your application, please send a short application letter and a CV. If you have completed your degree within the last 2 years, feel free to add your grade sheet.

The deadline for applications is 15/9-2023.

About NLIR

NLIR is a spinout from the Technical University of Denmark and has been working on developing and commercializing a new superior mid-infrared light detection technology since 2017.

Our current team consists of five members, and we are now looking to scale up our team with a range of new positions. Our advanced optical technology is developed in-house, and devices are already being shipped to all time zones. The technology has the potential to play a significant role in tomorrow’s industry and research facilities around the globe.

At NLIR, we value a hands-on approach and embrace experimentation, even in the face of setbacks. We foster a culture where everyone is encouraged to contribute beyond their immediate roles and lend a hand when needed. Our organization is structured flat,  promoting open communication and collaborative decision-making.

The goal of NLIR is to become a leading supplier of the world’s fastest and most sensitive midinfrared measurement equipment.

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