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At NLIR (Non-Linear-Infra-Red) we enable the test and measurement industry to increase the throughput of their spectral mid-infrared quality control.

We manufacture a range of products including mid-infrared spectrometers, single wavelength detectors and light sources.

Our products offer orders of magnitude faster spectral scans and sensitivity compared to traditional infra-red spectrophotometers.

These benefits have been made possible through our radically new, patented technology based on up-conversion of light from the infra-red to the visible wavelength region.

Meet Our Team

Meet our great experts empowering your spectroscopy solutions

Peter has a background in photonics, and many years of sales and managerial experience. On his free-time, Peter likes to run and spend active lifestyle.

Peter Tøttrup

CEO & General Manager

Søren has a PhD in nonlinear optics at DTU, and is now leading our Sales and Business Development. Beyond his professional pursuits, Søren finds joy in crossfit, hiking, and playing the piano.

Søren M. M. Friis

Head of Sales and Business Development, PhD

Lasse holds a PhD in nonlinear optics at DTU, and is currently driving our Research & Development innovation at NLIR. Outside work, Lasse spends time in nature with his kids and works voluntary with the local scouts.

Lasse Hogstedt

Head of R&D, PhD

Lars has many years of experience in photonics industry, and is now leading our Production Department at NLIR. Lars is also a huge rugby, hard-rock and aquarium-marine-life fan.

Lars Gjodvad

Production Lead

Former scout, and military student, Richard got interest in programming and electronics, where he now applies this passion in developing our spectroscopy electronics at NLIR.

Richard Pedersen

Senior Electronics Engineer

With years of experience in photonics, Daniel now masters all the customer inquiries at NLIR, ensuring our solutions meet their needs. You can chat with Daniel in most of the conferences, or spot him at the Italian restaurants.

Daniel Buccoliero

Senior Sales Engineer, PhD

Combining various experience in business development, innovation, and marketing, Indré now contributes to business growth at NLIR. Outside work, she indulges into various arts, gastronomy experiences, movies, and travelling.

Indré Jackeviciuté

Marketing Manager

Tobias is a highly qualified Optics Engineer, developing advanced optics solutions at NLIR. He also finds passion in frisbee golf, merging principles of physics, physical activity, and natural surroundings.

Tobias Schiby

Optical Engineer

As a renowned innovator, Martin spearheads product development at NLIR, focusing on design, engineering, and manufacturing, utilizing 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC milling machines. Outside work, Martin enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and engaging in various creative projects.

Martin Bech

Mechanical Engineer, Consultant

Saja is a creative mechanical engineer responsible for product development at NLIR, where she utilizes advanced technology such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC milling machines. Outside work, she spends time with her family, and explores new destinations through travel.

Saja Al-saodi

Mechanical Engineer

Vasiliki is an experienced programmer developing advanced software for our optics solution. Beyond coding realms, she wields cameras, game controllers, paintbrushes, and musical instruments to craft her creative symphony.

Vasiliki Kanakari

Software Developer

Ludo is an Industrial PhD student with a master’s degree in physical engineering. When she is not in the lab, she likes to cook, spend time with friends, and travel around.

Ludovica Appignani

Industrial PhD student

Apart from being a Master's Student in Photonics Engineering, Matina contributes to our spectroscopy solutions' production. Outside work and studies, she enjoys good food, being in nature, and exploring new hiking trails.

Stamatina Georgiou

Optics Student Assistant

NLIR is a proud member of the Nynomic Group

Nynomic AG is an internationally leading manufacturer of products for permanent, non-contact and non-destructive optical measurement technology. The products and services of the Nynomic Group are based on a wide range of intelligent sensors for measuring optical radiation and smart technologies for data acquisition, processing and evaluation.

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