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The core of the NLIR technology is upconversion of mid-infrared wavelengths to near-visible wavelengths, which enables use of Si and GaAs detectors. The conversion module does exactly that and no more. Read more about how the conversion works in “Technology”.

Accepted wavelengths are in the bandwidth 2.0 – 5.3 µm, and they are upconverted to the bandwidth 695 nm – 886 nm by a 1064 nm high-power laser inside a LiNbO3 crystal. Only the vertical polarization component is upconverted, which may reduce the amount of signal converted but correspondingly it also reduces the converted noise to half. After conversion, efficient spectral filtering below 695 nm and above 886 nm cuts away residual noise.

For a wide bandwidth of 2.0 – 5.3 µm, the conversion efficiency is approx. 0.001, which for many applications, together with an appropriate near-visible light detector, still outperforms a standard MIR detector alternative in terms of noise-equivalent power. If a narrower bandwidth is desired, for example 3.3 – 5.0 µm, the conversion efficiency is > 0.01, and for a bandwidth of only 50 nm around 3.0 µm the conversion efficiency is > 0.1.

The translation to near-visible wavelengths gives further advantages than lower noise-equivalent power. Higher detection speed than conventional MIR detectors is readily available by just plugging the output fiber into a GHz GaAs detector; 10 GHz or even 25 GHz detectors are available off-the-shelf. Even further, standard near-visible light detectors often come pre-amplified with a response of up to GV/W, which eases the measurement of the electrical output.

The NLIR Wavelength conversion module is an extremely versatile tool for any mid-infrared laboratory. Flexibility in mid-infrared measurement equipment is often desirable but expensive to buy. With the Wavelength conversion module many different affordable detectors and spectrometers become available, and in many cases, it even gives better performance than using expensive conventional mid-infrared detectors.

NB! The spectral resolution of the upconverted light is approx. 2.5 cm-1. If your application requires better resolution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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