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NLIR‘s mission is to put forward innovative optical sensing solutions and help other industries overcome their challenges and discover the future. Over the years, our products have traveled around the world and contributed to a number of researches and applications in a lot of industries.
A few words from our clients:

“We are very satisfied with the outstanding performance of the NLIR up-converter-spectrometer combination in terms of both sensitivity and spectral range. These advantages allow us to develop a versatile broadband (> 600 cm-1) trace gas sensor. Promising sub-ppm sensitivity for single species has been recently achieved, and fast and stable multi-species detection is well within reach. We are also impressed by the excellent custom service of NLIR, in particular its transparency for knowledge sharing; we enjoyed working together with the innovative technical team of NLIR. ”

Associate Professor Dr. Frans JM Harren & Dr. Qing Pan, Radbound University

“We have purchased the NLIR S2050-400 spectrometer about two years ago. Since then we have been using it quite successfully for inline plastic characterization. The S2050-400 spectrometer has become a primary apparatus for our team’s fast, AI based, plastic waste stream characterization research activity.

Stas Zinchik, Ph.D., Michigan Technological University.

the fastest mid infrared spectrometer
Spectrometer 2.0 - 5.0 μm

“We are thrilled to be able to carry out in-situ detection of fine species thanks to NLIR spectrometer’s high sensitivity. The high SNR gives superb contrast to discern the spectral signatures from thermal background signal.

Grace Shu Hui Ham, Measurement, Control and Data sciences Cluster, ArcelorMittal

  Prototype Spectrometer 7.6 - 12.0 μm

“NLIR provided professional assistance and transparency for knowledge sharing. I am definitely satisfied with the improved performance of NLIR up-converter module and the scientific collaboration with the technical NLIR team.’’

Marie-Curie COFUND Postdoc Dr. Alessandro Trenti, University of Vienna

wavelength upconversion module technology
Upconversion of mid-infrared wavelengths to near-visible
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