Thermal Infrared Light Source

Product Overview

  • 1.2 – 8.0 μm wavelength range
  • > 5 mW power in 500 μm fiber
  • Stability better than +/- 0.5%
  • 5,000 hours lifetime
  • Active cooling
  • Fiber-coupled
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Product Details

Thermal infrared light source directly to your sample in an optical fiber.

Infrared light or infrared radiation sources are used in a variety of applications and measurements. Compared to other light sources, high-temperature IR light sources are relatively cheap and require only simple electronics; they emit high-power light that is stable and reliable. However, due to the nature of the warm emitter, the light is incoherent and emitted in all directions, which makes it difficult to guide and focus the light onto a sample with high intensity.

NLIR’s fiber-coupled IR light source makes it easy to bring MIR light to a sample either by positioning the fiber tip close to the sample or by using one of the many commercially available fiber-probes.

The light source is plug-and-play, turns on in a few seconds, and is actively cooled so that no parts are too warm to touch.

Stability Graph

Stability graph for thermal infrared light source

Check out the features, and specifications of the NLIR L1280 MIR Lightsource:

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