Measure hot samples at any distance - in real time

NLIR’s mid-infrared spectroscopy solutions offer rapid measurements of various objects at all distances. Light from combustion processes or other hot samples is caught just by pointing the fiber head towards it. With millisecond readout time, measure combustion emittance and detect composition of various samples in real time.

Measure light-emitting objects at a great distance easily with NLIRs 2.0-5.0 µm spectrometer
Play Video about Solar Radiation Measurements using NLIR's 2.0µm - 5.0 µm spectrometer

Experience instant results

Our MIR upconversion spectrometers outperform conventional MIR spectrometers in detectivity, speed, and noise. Measure samples in real time, even if the objects are moving. See for yourself!

Analyze combustion processes

Analyze products of combustion of hydrocarbons (methane, ethane and other alkanes): carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), water (H2O), ammonia (NH3), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and other gases in real time.

Combustion Process Monitoring using NLIR's 2.0 - 5-0 µm spectrometer

Simple solution to a complex need

Temporal precision, high speed, and great flexibility – all in real time! NLIR's spectrometers are engineered for effortless light capture with its convenient fiber coupling and high sensitivity. With temporal precision and rapid data acquisition, our spectroscopy solutions offer instant measurements for your needs.

2.0-5.0 µm Spectrometer

Offering a 2.0 – 5.0 μm bandwidth and 400 Hz readout, this fiber-coupled spectrometer is ideal for non-disruptive measurements of dynamic objects at any distance in real time.

7.6-12.0 µm Spectrometer

Covering most of the upper infrared atmospheric window, this free-space-input 7.6 - 12.0 µm spectrometer is perfect for rapid measurements at a distance.

Play Video about Hot Object's Measurement at a distance using NLIR's spectrometer

How does it work?

Using NLIR’s spectrometers for monitoring of combustion process or other hot objects at a distance is straightforward. Just set up your devices, plug it to our software, and get readout data as you go.

Experience our breakthrough technology

-80 dBm/nm sensitivity allows NLIR spectrometers to measure light from sources kilometers away.

The NLIR spectrometer measures spectra in only milliseconds. The integration time can vary from 100s of ms down to 11 µs depending on the need. The external trigger can be used to optimize the data capture timing.

NLIR’s spectrometers use detector arrays with 2048 pixels, so the resolution can be as low as 2.5 cm⁻¹ in a wide optical bandwidth.

NLIR’s spectrometers are so fast because they use an array detector that can read out data with 400 Hz and even up to 130 kHz.

The NLIR Spectrometers are based on a novel measurement technology that upconverts the MIR light to near-visible light. The near-visible light can then be detected by silicon-based CMOS detector arrays.

Experience remote measurements instantly

high Sensitivity

Detect the light at the furthest distances

Live Monitoring

Measure in

Perfect timing

Measure with microsecond precision

Professional Service

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Measure hot samples at a distance in any application area

Our breakthrough technology can help you perform non-invasive characterization of gases, liquids, and solids as well as characterization of any light-emitting sources in various industries including but not limited to defense and security, steel production, industrial combustion processes, scientific research, and many more!

Defense and Security

Real-time monitoring of combustion processes and hot objects at large distances is extremely useful for surveillance purposes from ground base. NLIR's 2.0 - 5.0 µm infrared spectrometer provides valuable insights into the composition of combustion products and the thermal characteristics of hot objects, enabling rapid detection and analysis even in dynamic environments.

Steel production

Performing non-disruptive measurements, NLIR's MIR spectrometers enable steel production's quality assurance, accurate chemical analysis, and process optimization. Our spectrometers' ability to provide rapid, non-destructive analysis makes them well-suited for real-time monitoring and control in steelmaking operations.

Combustion processes

NLIR's infrared spectrometer enables comprehensive analysis of combustion dynamics and emissions characteristics in diverse settings such as gas-fired boilers and automotive engines. By providing insights into combustion kinetics and pollutant formation, NLIR's products can help optimize combustion systems, reduce environmental impact, and enhance overall performance and sustainability.

Industrial and Scientific Research

Across various scientific disciplines, from astronomy to material science, mid-infrared (MIR) spectroscopy involves analyzing the molecular composition of various samples at a distance. These characterizations enable researchers to perform analysis in real time and achieve optimal performance in diverse experiments and measurements.

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