Industrial Monitoring

Real time industrial monitoring is one of the key benefits of today’s smart manufacturing. Continuous monitoring and analysis of real-time data is necessary to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of industrial processes and production facilities.

Industrial processes are directly monitored by sensors

In-line industrial monitoring typically requires reliable and constant real-time measurements in harsh and demanding conditions. For example, a relevant case could be product material passing on a conveyor belt where real-time sampling of the surface composition is needed. There could also be instances where high-temperature furnace processes need to extract information on pollution and temperature, or combustion monitoring where a standard temperature monitoring system will not suffice.

NLIR's instruments in real-time industrial monitoring

In such cases, NLIR’s instruments offer possibilities that enable a fiber-coupled optical head for accessing cramped and harsh spaces. They also enable a high-speed data extraction interface, which allows full spectral read-out in the kHz range, as well as a rich and unparalleled data level, enabling sophisticated data analysis.

The core of NLIR solutions is the upconversion unit, which optimizes the use of well-known high-speed CMOS cameras for applications in infrared spectroscopy. Essentially, this eliminates the need for active cooling and moving parts while at the same time simplifying the connectivity and interface requirements of the instruments. Together with a fiber-coupled optical head, an extremely flexible and simple setup is possible. NLIR’s spectrometer is plugged into the computer, the optical head is pointed at the measurement area and real-time data can be collected.

NLIR instrumentation for industrial monitoring
NLIR's instrumentation in industrial monitoring

Our products offer a unique combination suitable for the darkest samples, the lowest concentrations, and the fastest reactions.

The NLIR range of MHz-detectors and kHz-spectrometers delivers unprecedented speeds and sensitivities in the range from 2-5 µm and 7-12 µm. In addition, with in-house fabrication and design facilities, our team of experienced engineers is ready to work with you on your next OEM application.

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