The core of NLIR technology, wavelength conversion module (WCM), was exhibited at JASIS (Japan Analytical and Scientific Instruments Show). The wavelength conversion module was displayed in a black plastic reflection measurement setup by our distributor in Japan, Tokyo Instruments, Inc.

black sorting plastic setup at jasis

The graph shows reflection spectra from three different common black plastics (nylon (PA), polyformaldehyde (POM), and polyethylene (PE)) measured with the NLIR’s WCM combined with a mid-IR supercontinuum source and a near-visible-wavelength spectrograph. The spectra have clearly distinct features that make them easily distinguishable for a trained algorithm to enable black plastic sorting. 

With the WCM it is possible to use fast, sensitive, and low-noise near-infrared spectrometers for black plastic sorting, avoiding the necessary cooling and high noise when using mid-IR spectrometers.

plastic reflection spectra demonstration at jasis

Wavelength Conversion Module

Benefit from the core of the NLIR technology in your own setup.
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