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Our products offer innovative optical sensing solutions that enable many industries and researchers to overcome their challenges in mid-infrared spectroscopy and accomplish the impossible.

NLIR Technology

All of our mid-infrared detection products are based on sum-frequency generation (or upconversion), which is a highly sophisticated nonlinear optical process where two photons annihilate in the creation of a new photon with the same energy as the sum of the originals.
When mid-infrared light enters one of our detectors, it is brought together with a high-power 1064 nm laser inside a LiNbO3  crystal; one photon from each of these fields annihilate by interacting with bound electrons in the crystal to create a photon in the near-visible range. The new photon exits the crystal and can now be measured using Silicon-based devices. In the conversion process, all properties of the mid-infrared photon, except the wavelength, are conserved.

Demo Of 1 GHz Mid-Infrared Detector

Lasse and Søren, NLIR’s experienced optics-engineer duo, are showing a simple measurement of a nano-second pulse at 3.8 µm from a super-continuum source. The pulse has a peak power of only 0.5 µW but the response of the detector is 3 kV/W so the oscilloscope can easily measure the signal without further amplification.

Our Products

A New Paradigm In Mid-Infrared Light Detection

Spectrometers 2.0 - 5.0 μm & 7.6 - 12.0 μm

Measure with up to 130 kHz full-spectrum read-out-rate in the 2.0 – 5.0 µm bandwidth or see possibilities in our new 7.6 – 12.0 μm range.

Single-Wavelength Detectors

Measure the absorption of a single wavelength with an electrical bandwidth of up to 10 GHz.

Wavelength Conversion Module

Adapt your mid-ir equipment to your measurement needs.

Thermal Infrared Light Source​

Bring mid infrared light directly to your sample in an optical fiber. 

Why Choose Us

NLIR‘s mid-infrared spectrometers and detectors are known for their outstanding speed, sensitivity, and responsivity performance.


Fastest mid-IR Spectrometers and Detectors on the market.


Down to 10 fW/√Hz noise equivalent power.


Full optical bandwidth in 2.0 – 5.0 µm and 7.6 – 12.0 µm.


Our customers are always amazed by our excellent service before, during, and after their purchase.

Our Customers Say

Our Customers Say

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