Mid-infrared detectors and spectrometers have an immeasurable amount of different applications in all corners of industry and research. Below is an (incomplete) list of applications where measuring mid-infrared light plays a crucial role, and it is described how our products can be used in them.
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Spectroscopic measurements

Working in the area of mid-infrared spectroscopy is a challenging task where higher sensitivity, larger dynamic range, or faster read-out is often needed. These properties are all addressed in the range of spectrometers where NLIR supply a unique combination suitable for the darkest samples, the lowest concentrations, or the fastest reactions. Our standard models are all plug-and-play fiber coupled systems delivered with user-friendly software. Whether you work in a laboratory or industrial setting, please do not hesitate to contact us to hear more.

Plastic identification

In a world with circular economy, it is crucial to reduce the amount of waste and recycle the existing plastic resources. The current standard for plastic sorting is near-infrared spectrometers that work in the range where black plastic is completely undetectable. With the NLIR mid-infrared spectrometer you get the possibility of color neutral plastic identification with a 130 kHz live read-out rate of up to 750 spectral bands.

Industrial process monitoring

Modern industrial process and production facilities require constant surveillance and analysis to keep sustainable and efficient. The NLIR range of MHz-detectors and kHz-spectrometers deliver unpreceded speeds and sensitivities in the range from 2-5 µm and 7-12 µm. With in-house fabrication and design facilities our team of experienced engineers are ready to work with you on your next OEM application.

Remote sensing

For most remote sensing applications speed, sensitivity and noise filtering is crucial. The NLIR detectors offer a wide range of rise-times and sensitivities, all with built-in narrow-band spectral filtering and high-performance response, even at compact numerical apertures. NLIR have an experienced team that are ready to work on your OEM implementation of single wavelength detectors in a compact and easy integration.

Free-space optical communication

With our prototype GHz mid-infrared detector, you can take your free-space communication setup to the next level. We deliver a 10 GHz detector, pre-amplified and plug-and-play. You get the option to be tunable, flexible, and sensitive or broad band for easiest configuration. Contact us for any questions on the exiting options.

Fast-event analysis

Industrial process monitoring, fast chemical events or other challenges that require ns-rise times in combinations with MV/W responses is made possible with the tunable NLIR single-wavelength detectors. To reach these performance levels we present a unique combination of our proprietary upconversion technology and high-performance silicon APD detectors. This in combination with a free-space or fiber-input port allow NLIR to deliver new levels of easy integration for infrared detectors.

Ultra-low signal detection

If your experiment requires extraction of the most delicate and weak signal levels the NLIR S2250-DC deliver an unbelievable IR response of 200 GV/W. In combination with femto-watt noise performance and a huge dynamic range, this detector will deliver spectacular results for any applications that require ultra-low signal extraction.


Being a small university spin-out we hold an agile and scientific based approach to product development. This includes valuable and close collaboration with our customers and partners. Through numerous publications the NLIR upconversion technology have proved to enable cutting-edge experimental results and we are always searching for new challenges. If you believe we have a common potential, we recommend you to contact us for further discussions.

Laser system diagnostics

With the recent years of rapid development in coherent infrared light sources there is a growing need for beam diagnostics that can keep up with the new requirements. NLIR offer the fastest available infrared spectrometer that may deliver live pulse-to-pulse spectra at a rate of 130 kHz. This combined with the portfolio of ns-rise-time detectors we believe that we can deliver a unique insight to the development and use of novel infrared light sources.

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